Five health benefits of Yoga in Daily life that nobody talks about

We all know that Yoga increases flexibility and reduces weight. Every posture of Yoga works on a certain part of the body and the effects are long-lasting and accurate. These benefits are told in every class of Yoga. However, there are a few benefits that people seldom talk about.  Here are a few great effects on the overall health:

It boosts the immune system

When yogic postures are performed accurately, they put adequate pressure on the internal organs. Due to the controlled pressure, our body secretes hormones those are responsible for proper functioning of the overall system. Also, Yoga cleanses the body by flushing out free radicals. Hence, there is a great thrust to the immune system.  It has been observed that people performing Yoga daily do not get infected very easily. They show a great resistance and remain healthy even during epidemics by following simple hygiene rules.  They develop the habit of deep breathing that circulates more oxygen in the body which means more energy and strength.

It resolves sleeping disorders

Insomnia or sleeping disorder is a result of mental and physical imbalance. Tension, frustration, fear, and anxiety are the culprits for it. Yoga postures, meditation, and breathing exercises bring the anxiety down. Since the blood pressure drops, one feels relax and calm.  As a result, the problem of Insomnia goes away.  Shavasana (the sleeping posture) or YogNidra (the yogic sleep) are two deep relaxation techniques that bring the benefits of sound sleep without sleeping actually. It is said that practicing any of these techniques for one hour is sufficient to recharge the mind and body completely equal to the sleep of eight hours.

Excellent health of joints and muscles

Some of the yoga postures improve muscular health dramatically. Since the muscles get stretched in a controlled manner, they become flexible and strong. Similarly, there is an increased flow of blood in the joints to make them strong and supple. It has been observed that people get unbelievable benefits in ailments like gout, arthritis, and sciatica. Even the daily aches and pains go away completely after practicing Yogic exercises on a regular basis.

The basic philosophy of Yoga is to make a harmony and equilibrium between the mind, body and the soul. Practicing Yogic exercises daily brings deep impact on the physical and mental health. It is a wonderful gift for the mankind!

10 ways to stay fit and healthy in 2015

As the big day of 31st December approaches, people think about the resolution to be taken on the 1st January. It is a fact that most of the resolutions remain incomplete. Statistics reveals that to stay fit and healthy is one of the most popular resolutions (and the most incomplete one too!). However, it is very much possible to achieve it effectively if one works in a systematic and interesting manner.  Here are 10 best ways to stay fit and healthy in the coming year.

1. Make it interesting: Anything that is dull doesn’t prolong much. Make the idea of staying healthy as much interesting as you can. Exercises like aerobics, skating, hula-hopping, or Zumba make it exciting.

2. Join a gym: Studies confirm that those who do not join Gymnasium or sports club fail in making it a daily practice as compared to those who join. It is because the external or peer pressure works in the latter case.

3. Decide the priority: Those who are clear about the priority of good health in life do not fail in keeping up the resolution. They follow the exercise routine to stay fit, not just to keep the resolution. 

4. Do not let it be monotonous:  Going daily to the same place and repeating the same exercises will be boring after some time. Add different exercises to the workout routine so that there is something new and exciting daily.

5. Take a break: It is okay if you follow ‘six days a week ‘exercise routine and take a break on Sunday. Rather, it recharges you with energy and zeal to do it regularly for one more week.

6. Be punctual and regular:  Statistics says that those who do not follow exercise routine regularly are very likely to drop it out soon. It is incredibly important to be regular and punctual. Decide a routine and stick to the timelines.

7. Decide SMART goals:  Experts say that deciding SMART goals is extremely beneficial for sustaining health and fitness resolution longer. Decide small targets and achieve them. Set monthly or 3-months plans and monitor the progress.

8. If possible, create a group: Creating a support group can be helpful if you lack motivation for a fitness resolution. Make a group of 4-5 friends and do exercise together for some time. As you develop an interest in the due course, there is no need for such catalysts. 

9. Keep the critical balance: An exercise routine should have varied items as cardiovascular exercises, stretching exercises, weight-training and aerobics. It not only preserves the diversity, but keeps the interest alive.

10. Don’t be a perfectionist:  If you follow a one-hour routine, then do not skip the exercise completely when you get up late.  Just do whatever you can in the remaining time. It is always better doing ‘some’ exercise than doing ‘nothing’.  Exigencies may be there, make it a part of life!

The above-mentioned tips help in keeping the morale high to make the fitness resolution a grand success!