Yashoda International Cancer Conference (YICC) is an opportunity of enriching knowledge to Oncologists

Hyderabad is a leading name in the field of medical investigation. State-of-the-art research institutes invent new methods of curing and preventing diseases. With sophisticated super-specialty centers, it offers the world-class treatment for different ailments. Yashoda Cancer Institute is a leading name in the city for cancer care and research. It is a pioneer institute where cancer patients receive top-notch medical assistance and the best infrastructure to fight against the fatal disease.

The year 2015 starts with a big bang when Yashoda Cancer Institute announces the first Yashoda International Cancer Conference: YICC 2015 that will be held at HICC (Hyderabad International Convention Centre), Novotel on 23-25 Jan 2015. The three-day conference discusses various aspects of cancer and cancer treatment. The program brings a brilliant chance of knowing the latest findings and improvements. 

The theme

The three-day conference has been designed with the objective of discussing Oncology. There are different sessions each one covering a specific topic in detail. The focus is on sharing latest research and innovative methods of dealing cancer. Everyone gets a chance to connect and reconnect with others and to enrich the knowledge. The program opens new avenues of making new professional contacts with the renowned experts of national and international stature. Organizers are confident that the event will be an academic feast to the participants to enrich their knowledge by hearing distinguished experts of international fame. 

The program is beneficial for all

The conference is a great opportunity for oncologists, clinicians, radiologists, surgeons, pathologists, researchers and medical students from all disciplines who work relentlessly for conquering Cancer.  Participation from prestigious institutes from India and abroad makes sure that only the best and the latest gets discussed in the forum.

The sessions will cover each element of cancer treatment in detail so that participants strengthen their area of expertise.  There will be a great insight about the best practices and recent developments about Radiation, Medical and Surgical Oncology through interactive workshops.  New service delivery models and the associated challenges and issues will be discussed for the benefit of medical professionals who want to establish cancer care centers. 

The program

The three-day program starts with the essential formalities like registration and welcome address followed by an introduction of the course outline. It follows with a series of sessions dedicated to a separate area of expertise like:

• Head & Neck surgery

• Nasopharynx

• Carcinoma Cervix

• Oral cavity cancers

• Thyroid cancers

• Organ preservation strategies

• Neoadjuvant chemotherapy

• High precision Radiotherapy techniques 

• Gastric cancer

• Colorectal Cancer

• Pancreatic Cancer, etc.

Such programs are incredibly beneficial for medical professionals by offering a great exposure to the latest findings and innovations. Since they are relieved from the professional pressure and tension, it is possible to concentrate on the topics covered. With informal meetings, interactions, and ‘lunch table conversations’; they get a deep insight to the subject. The three-day conference organized by Yashoda Cancer Institute is should not be missed by medical professionals who are associated with cancer treatment.