Most important things you should know about Vitamin D

“Sunshine Vitamin”, this is the beautiful name given to this important nutrient, “Vitamin D”. Of all the activities that take place in the body, we will not be aware of many of the things. The activity of Vitamin D is immense and cannot be overlooked. It is a fat soluble nutrient which plays a vital role in keeping your bones strong and help in many other activities. 

When you look deep into some of the benefits provided by this vitamin, it might surprise you!!! Here are 5 of those interesting facts which everyone must know. 

It might come from your diet or from Sunlight

This vitamin is available in two forms, they are Chole calciferol (D3) and ergo calciferol (D2). The main source for this vitamin production is Sunlight. When your skin gets exposed to the sunlight, this nutrient is produced inside the body itself. For the production of this nutrient, which is sufficient for the whole week, all it requires is a few minutes of sunshine that should touch your skin in a count of at least three times a week. Whenever you are applying sun screen lotion on your skin, remember it might affect the production of this vitamin in your body mechanism.

Fortunately, for those, whose body is not able to produce this vitamin, they can make it up through their diet. Tuna and salmon are the best sources for this vitamin.

Improves your immune system by a great deal

Vitamin D plays an important role in activating the T cells of the immune system which are the ones that recognize and fight the pathogens circulating throughout your body. If there is a deficiency for this nutrient, it is suggestible to take it in the form of a supplement in adequate levels as prescribed by the doctor. If it is present in excess levels in your body, it might lead to Vitamin D toxicity, resulting in high levels of blood calcium levels, nausea and vomiting.

An essential element for strong teeth and Bones

In fact, this vitamin is responsible for the calcium absorption from the food. Calcium is very important for the growth and development of the bones and teeth. If this nutrient is in low levels, your bones and teeth might become soft and brittle. The deficiency of this vitamin is linked to Rickets in children and osteoporosis in adults.

Might help you fight chronic diseases

Apart from boosting the immune system, this vitamin might also help in protecting you from auto immune diseases like Multiple Sclerosis, lupus and Rheumatoid arthritis. Many researches are going on to discover enough information about the activity of this nutrient and how it might fight chronic diseases in your body.

It might help in your Weight loss 

Not to surprise, it is an important part of your healthy life style. Researches proved that people who took the supplements of this vitamin along with Calcium are having more fat loss when compared to those people who are having Vitamin D deficiency.

There are many more benefits which one can acquire from this nutrient. So, make sure that you receive this vitamin from any of the source like sunlight or your diet or as a supplement.