Migraine, the headache that causes ultimate discomfort

Repeated attacks of severe headaches are characterized as migraine. It causes a pulsating pain that lasts around three to four hours. In a majority of cases, it starts in the morning and reaches the peak by early noon. Migraine causes extreme discomfort and disrupts normal life greatly. 

Symptoms and Complications

As mentioned above, a migraine attack is quite easy to diagnose. Firstly, it lasts longer than the normal one.  Secondly, the pain is localized. Mostly it occurs just above the eyes and the intensity is quite high. Sometimes, only one side or back side of the head gets affected by it. Nausea and vomiting are also quite common. Oversensitivity towards the bright light is another signature symptom. About 25 percent patients feel an aura i.e. flush of lights or vivid colors.  Some people feel sluggish just before the attack.

Treatment of migraine

Experts suggest that a number of occurrences can be avoided by avoiding triggers of migraine. Over a period, patients develop an insight towards it. Certain mood swings, over sensitivity towards stimulants, and nausea can be the triggers. Avoiding unwanted stress and taking adequate sleep greatly help. 

Abortive medications and prophylactic medicines are used by physicians to treat the problem. Abortive ones control the symptoms. Prophylactic medicines prevent the re-occurrence. The choice depends on the severity of the problem. 

Though it gets suppressed automatically after a few hours, there are cases when people suffer from severe headache for more than 72 hours. Hospitalization and medical care are required in such chronic cases. If it is accompanied by vertigo, ringing sound in the ear or vomiting, then patients need immediate medical intervention.

Relaxation therapy, Yoga, breathing techniques, and meditation reduce stress that is a big cause of migraine. Limiting consumption of Tea, coffee, and liquor also help in reducing the frequency and severity.