Painless delivery becomes a trend in Hyderabad

Pregnancy and motherhood are the most beautiful dreams of each couple. It is a phenomenal experience to see a baby developing and growing gradually. However, pregnancy and childbirth give immense stress and anxiety for those who are going to experience for the first time. Though doctors try to answer all the questions and resolve all apprehension about it, some women develop a great fear about the pain during delivery. In the modern world, everybody wants to take advantage of the advanced facilities. A majority of women ask who visit hospitals in Hyderabad ask for painless delivery procedure today.

Why is there such a fascination for it?

Labor pains are quite extensive, and the severity differs from person to person. In some cases, women are not able to bear the pains because of being underweight or the baby being overweight. In such cases, there could be a threat for the life of mother or baby. Sometimes, there are unexpected complications just before the delivery and doctors have to take the decision of painless delivery. Most of the big hospitals in Hyderabad are equipped with ultra-modern facilities to cope up with complexities during the childbirth. Doctors thrive hard to achieve highly safe and trouble-free procedures with a great accuracy.

Health insurance is one of the driving forces

It may sound ridiculous, but it is a fact. Since most people are opting for health insurance nowadays, expenses on delivery no longer remain a point of concern. It is the reason in spite of painless delivery being a costly affair; hospitals in Hyderabad receive an increasing number of requests for it. Since insurance companies offer cashless option, people need not pay a single penny while getting discharged. It is a big psychological factor behind increasing trend. There is a complete coverage for admission, diagnostic tests, medication, and post-natal care.

Career oriented approach of mothers

Most of the generation X mothers are working as professionals and can’t afford taking long leave before and after delivery. Also, they can’t take the post-delivery hassles. Hence, they always seek for hospitals in Hyderabad that offer painless procedures. Availability of modern drugs, state-of-the-art procedures, and good patient care make it a preferred mode of delivery. As the ability to sustain pains would decrease, there will be more cases of such deliveries in the future.  The costs will also drop further making it affordable for a large chunk of the society.