How to eat fruits in a right way

Do you know what the best way of eating fruits is?

When it comes to following healthy eating habits, eating fruits takes the top most preference. However, things become complicated when people say contradictory things about them. Some people say that eating fruits empty stomach is good for health whereas a few suggest after meals. Some people prefer fruit juices whereas some like to mix them with yogurt or cream. According to some beliefs, fruits are not recommended for diabetic patients, and some say that fruits can be consumed in a limited quantity. Many people wonder whether there is anything like the right way of eating fruits. Yes, sure there is. Nutritional experts give a clear guideline about it.

Timing is important

Experts say that timing very critical for consuming fruits. The best time is in the morning, immediately after drinking a full glass of water. As you eat fruits empty stomach there are two major benefits. Firstly, your body gets immense energy instantly which is very much essential after a gap of 8 to 10 hours. Moreover, you get immense fiber to correct digestion. Liver absorbs the nutrients properly. 

If you want to eat fruits post-meal, a gap of at least 30 minutes should be given. An hour before the meals or two hours after the meals gives the maximum benefits. Adding fruits with salt and curd (or yogurt) may give extra nutrients. Those who need to control the consumption of fats should use low-fat curd or yogurt.  Adding fruits to the bowl of cereal is another great idea. It is certainly not recommended to consume fruits before bedtime. The energy received gets converted into fats because of low metabolism during night. Also, citrus fruits may cause acid reflux or heartburn if taken in the late evening. 

Smoothies or fruit custard is not a healthy way of consuming fruits!

People love shakes, smoothies, fruit custard or ice-creams very much. However, consuming fruits in this form is not good from the nutritional perspective. Firstly, they add a lot of calories to it. Secondly, they cause allergic symptoms to some people. Occasionally adding a little bit of low-glycemic fruit to the serving of low-fat smoothie is okay, but do not make it a practice. The best thing is to consume fresh fruits raw. They bring the best benefits. Nutritionists recommend eating fruits without peeling whenever it is possible. Dried fruits are too sweet and addictive. Hence, use them sparingly if you are overweight and under a diet plan.

Why fruits are praised so much by nutritionists?

Fruits are considered as the best gift of Mother Nature. Due to high quantities of vitamins, minerals, and water; they are refreshing and digestive. One feels energized after eating fruits. They contain antioxidant in large quantities. Hence, fruits are considered good in preventing and curing many ailments. They replenish water during summers and avoid the risk of dehydration. They lower the risks of high blood pressure, heart trouble, and other ailments.

One can obtain the maximum benefits by eating fruits in the healthiest and the best way!