10 Ways to Make Doctor Visits Easier

Each one of us has to seek a doctor’s advice some time or the other.  There is no need to mention that just like an exam; a visit to the doctor brings loads of stress. The flatter of butterflies in the stomach can be sensed by each one while entering in the doctor’s cabin.  It is the fear of the unknown that causes the nervousness and anxiety.

It is a fact that it is not possible to avoid the restlessness completely, but one can control it up to a large extent by practicing a few simple and practical techniques.

  1. Talk about the procedure:  This is very important if the patient is young one. Especially, kids afraid a lot about the painful procedures and needles. Talk to them about what is exactly going to happen there? Inform the patient frankly whether the procedure is painful or painless.  Especially, in case of small kids it becomes an important aspect. 
  2. Don’t make the visit a surprise: Many times people keep the patient ignorant about the visit to avoid anxiety. However, it causes a sudden blow when the patient is asked to get ready for a visit. Instead, tell the patient about it well in advance, irrespective of the age or maturity level. 
  3. Get organized: Keep everything ready beforehand. Keep the case papers and other documents properly in the file.  If it is a first-time visit, then keep the history of previous treatment. Check the visit timings and/or appointment prior to the visit.  AS you get ready for a visit, stress disappears gradually because the attention gets diverted. 
  4. Read something about the problem: Though some doctors do not recommend it, there is no harm in acquiring some knowledge about the ailment you are going to report.
  5. Note the concerns: Write down your worries, concerns, and problems on a piece of paper. You should not miss any vital or critical point.  
  6. Do not assume ask instead: As they say, “guesses can be dangerous”; ask multiple times if something is not clear to you. Doctors never bother it.  You must know about the treatment process, equipment, medicine or side-effects.
  7. Let someone accompany you: Just like we accompany the kids for their visits; let somebody come with you for an appointment. Even if you are not worried or anxious, it is not recommended going alone to see a doctor unless it is inevitable. 
  8. Do not rely on the memory: When doctors give you instructions, do not presume that you will remember everything without fail. Scribble on a piece of paper instead.
  9. Be honest: Let the doctor know everything about your daily routine, food habits, and exercise. There is no point in hiding or supplying incorrect facts. 
  10. Get medical jargon simplified: Doctors or medical staff is habitual of uttering complicated medical terminology while explaining the problem. Do not hesitate in interrupting them for simple substitutes.

The above-mentioned tricks help in making the visit to a doctor superbly easy!