Painless delivery becomes a trend in Hyderabad

Pregnancy and motherhood are the most beautiful dreams of each couple. It is a phenomenal experience to see a baby developing and growing gradually. However, pregnancy and childbirth give immense stress and anxiety for those who are going to experience for the first time. Though doctors try to answer all the questions and resolve all apprehension about it, some women develop a great fear about the pain during delivery. In the modern world, everybody wants to take advantage of the advanced facilities. A majority of women ask who visit hospitals in Hyderabad ask for painless delivery procedure today.

Why is there such a fascination for it?

Labor pains are quite extensive, and the severity differs from person to person. In some cases, women are not able to bear the pains because of being underweight or the baby being overweight. In such cases, there could be a threat for the life of mother or baby. Sometimes, there are unexpected complications just before the delivery and doctors have to take the decision of painless delivery. Most of the big hospitals in Hyderabad are equipped with ultra-modern facilities to cope up with complexities during the childbirth. Doctors thrive hard to achieve highly safe and trouble-free procedures with a great accuracy.

Health insurance is one of the driving forces

It may sound ridiculous, but it is a fact. Since most people are opting for health insurance nowadays, expenses on delivery no longer remain a point of concern. It is the reason in spite of painless delivery being a costly affair; hospitals in Hyderabad receive an increasing number of requests for it. Since insurance companies offer cashless option, people need not pay a single penny while getting discharged. It is a big psychological factor behind increasing trend. There is a complete coverage for admission, diagnostic tests, medication, and post-natal care.

Career oriented approach of mothers

Most of the generation X mothers are working as professionals and can’t afford taking long leave before and after delivery. Also, they can’t take the post-delivery hassles. Hence, they always seek for hospitals in Hyderabad that offer painless procedures. Availability of modern drugs, state-of-the-art procedures, and good patient care make it a preferred mode of delivery. As the ability to sustain pains would decrease, there will be more cases of such deliveries in the future.  The costs will also drop further making it affordable for a large chunk of the society.

5 ways to improve the healing environment of hospitals

Hospitals are the ones which are considered as the best places for healing and recovery of the patients. The need to address the improvement in the hospital environment has become a tedious task with the cots and the maintenance alongside the satisfaction of the patients. 

This consideration of improving the healing environment in the hospitals is the talk in most of the corporate hospitals these days. Put this talk behind, most of the hospitals are missing the basic aspects in implementation while craving for the bigger picture.

5 ways to improve the healing environment of hospitals

  1. Design aspects and Infrastructure: It is good to use modern technology to fit enough patients with wide space and good flooring. It is good to grow lot of trees in the hospital surroundings to get fresh air and reduce sound pollution to a good effect. Hospitals should utilize state of art infrastructure which is available in the market through many companies.
  2. Tidiness in and around the hospitals: It is very important to keep the hospital surroundings in a good fit to avoid the infections from multiple agents. Inside the hospital also, the staff should be proactive to keep the things and clean and maintain the hygiene to the best quality to improve the recovery process of the patients.
  3. Spacious rooms: This is one such aspect which is linked to the noise problem and hygiene. It is not good to keep group of patients in a single room. The trends are maintaining good space for the patient’s hygiene and allocate a single patient for every room. This certainly will decrease the risk of infections propelling the hospital environment. It is good to limit the number of visitors who will come from different places to visit the patient. This will increase the risk of the infections to the patient.
  4. Calmness in the hospital premises: It is very important for the patient to get rest after their medical procedures. If there is more noise, the patients will get disturbed and cannot sleep properly. Rest is necessary for the patients to speedup the recovery process. This rough atmosphere of the noise should be evaded from the hospitals to make the patients comfortable.
  5. Proper staffing ratio: The number of the staff should be good enough to meet the requirements of the patients. The staff should be sufficient for providing round the clock observation to look after the problems and the required treatment for the patients. This is a lack in many hospitals and they require frontline staff to improve the quality of the services in the hospital. The staffing ratio should be competing to better the quality of the services which eventually will improve the standards of the personal care and treatment that is required to speed up the recovery of the patients.

It is better to look up for the facilities in the hospital before someone points it. At last, the hospitals are there for healing the wounds of the patients.

Pharmacy retail emerges as the new-age tool on the horizon

As there is a great boom for retail chains in every sector of Indian market, how can pharmacy be far behind? A pharmacy retail sector is ready to tap the opportunities of doing business by adopting this proven niche. Not only big names like Fortis, are even small pharmacies in Hyderabad eye for a big fortune. Why so much tom tom about it, many people still can’t understand it. Well, the pharmacy retail bandwagon is going to change the age-old concepts about it. The industry won’t need huge investments, and the profitability would increase manifold. In fact, the market was waiting for it from quite some time. As soon as somebody started the ball rolling, the trend seems to overtake everything.

It is a concept of yesterday converting into the reality today

Some companies were planning to launch the concept of pharmacy retail a few years ago. However, they could not establish it as a workable concept and the concept failed. Also, people were unable to digest the concept of a pharmaceutical company reaching people’s doorstep for selling medicines. Nevertheless, with a huge change in the Indian economic scenario, it becomes quite feasible today. No wonder, pharmacies in Hyderabad and rest of India offer pharmacy retail to the users. As paying capacity of Indian middle class and awareness of health increase, people do not bother spending money on medicines. Health conscious people look at the health benefits and forget about the extra money spent. Preventive, curative, and supportive; all kinds of medicines have been made available by manufacturers through the retail chain.

The niche has a great potential

It is assumed that Indian middle class is going to dominate pharmacy retail market in the future. According to estimates the market has the potential of not less than 250 to 350 million Indian rupee.  Pharmacy retail has a share of 4 percent today, and it is expected to reach 10% two years down the line. It is quite obvious that pharmacy retail will play an instrumental role in achieving the target. Pharmacies in Hyderabad know the potential, and they are ready to grab the opportunity. The concept has proven its utility and effectiveness in the US, but it needs to prove the same in the rest of the world including India.  It will be quite interesting to see how pharmacy retail market performs in the Indian market looking at various challenges?

10 Ways to Make Doctor Visits Easier

Each one of us has to seek a doctor’s advice some time or the other.  There is no need to mention that just like an exam; a visit to the doctor brings loads of stress. The flatter of butterflies in the stomach can be sensed by each one while entering in the doctor’s cabin.  It is the fear of the unknown that causes the nervousness and anxiety.

It is a fact that it is not possible to avoid the restlessness completely, but one can control it up to a large extent by practicing a few simple and practical techniques.

  1. Talk about the procedure:  This is very important if the patient is young one. Especially, kids afraid a lot about the painful procedures and needles. Talk to them about what is exactly going to happen there? Inform the patient frankly whether the procedure is painful or painless.  Especially, in case of small kids it becomes an important aspect. 
  2. Don’t make the visit a surprise: Many times people keep the patient ignorant about the visit to avoid anxiety. However, it causes a sudden blow when the patient is asked to get ready for a visit. Instead, tell the patient about it well in advance, irrespective of the age or maturity level. 
  3. Get organized: Keep everything ready beforehand. Keep the case papers and other documents properly in the file.  If it is a first-time visit, then keep the history of previous treatment. Check the visit timings and/or appointment prior to the visit.  AS you get ready for a visit, stress disappears gradually because the attention gets diverted. 
  4. Read something about the problem: Though some doctors do not recommend it, there is no harm in acquiring some knowledge about the ailment you are going to report.
  5. Note the concerns: Write down your worries, concerns, and problems on a piece of paper. You should not miss any vital or critical point.  
  6. Do not assume ask instead: As they say, “guesses can be dangerous”; ask multiple times if something is not clear to you. Doctors never bother it.  You must know about the treatment process, equipment, medicine or side-effects.
  7. Let someone accompany you: Just like we accompany the kids for their visits; let somebody come with you for an appointment. Even if you are not worried or anxious, it is not recommended going alone to see a doctor unless it is inevitable. 
  8. Do not rely on the memory: When doctors give you instructions, do not presume that you will remember everything without fail. Scribble on a piece of paper instead.
  9. Be honest: Let the doctor know everything about your daily routine, food habits, and exercise. There is no point in hiding or supplying incorrect facts. 
  10. Get medical jargon simplified: Doctors or medical staff is habitual of uttering complicated medical terminology while explaining the problem. Do not hesitate in interrupting them for simple substitutes.

The above-mentioned tricks help in making the visit to a doctor superbly easy!

How to Choose the Right Physician for your medical needs

It will be a tricky situation and there is necessity for lot of things to be addressed to get a right physician for your medical needs. It is a natural tendency for everyone to wait until they become completely sick and then choose the doctor from that urgent situation or the need. It is better to consult your primary health Physician (PHP) in the early stages of the bad health symptoms.

The point is one should know about the problem from which they are suffering. It is better to consult a PHP on the first step.

Who is a primary health physician?

He/she is a doctor who is a general physician or a family doctor whom you will contact on the first point for general symptomatic health problems. You can either get treated for small issues or get suggestions about the right person. Many a times, we will fall in a precarious position about choosing the right physician. We might shift to a new place, we might feel the lack of guidance and we might miss our physicians who has complete picture about our heath issues.

In these situations, Internet is giving lot of options for each and every one to know about different doctors and hospitals in all places. All we have to do is search the specific phrase about what we are looking for.  

What are the points to be considered before choosing a physician?

Once you know about the problem you are suffering, you can approach a specialist or it is better to approach a general physician first and then to a specialist is the best thing.

• What are the qualifications of the Physician or the doctor?

It is better to know about the qualification and from which university he/she is holding the degree from. You have to know about their specialization also. 

• What is the experience of the doctor?

It is good to know about the experience of the doctor.  Their experience will help us in bringing an easy and quick solution for our health problem. In their experience, they might have dealt with many cases which are similar to ours. So, the knowledge will certainly help in bringing a quick solution.

• Go through the available timings and the hospitals he/she is working with....

It is very important to know about the availability of the physician and with which hospitals he/she is working with to get an appointment.

• Go through the experiences of the old patients...

It will be good in two ways. One is you will get to know about the doctor and the other is you will gain the confidence in Doctors treatment.

• Consider the gender of the Doctor for some situations when you looking for a treatment relative to the gender related issues. Then only you will feel comfortable with them to disclose the issue and get right treatment from them.

These are some of the points which you can get from different online portals and try to find these things before choosing a right physician for your treatment.